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Welcome to Habitek - We have the complete solution for your Home Automation, Home Security, Home Entertainment, and Computing needs.

Home Automation Green Eco Renewables & Solar Security
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Wouldn't it be great if you could call your home and tell it to...

Well You Can!
Home Automated Living (HAL) software will make your house SMART. With HAL software, you can control all the systems in your house -
by VOICE - from anywhere in the home -
It's Easy. It's affordable. It's smart.
Very Smart.

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X10 products

FROM £17.99

A wide range of home automation products from simple X10 to integrated touch screens

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Monthly Specials For August

USB Key Logger
USB Key Logger
£63.31  £40.84
Save: 35% off

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PS2 Key Logger
PS2 Key Logger
£33.69  £30.63
Save: 9% off

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7" Touchscreen Android Tablet PC with WiFi
7" Touchscreen Android Tablet PC with WiFi
£142.97  £79.99
Save: 44% off

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Radioshack Digital Sound Level Meter
Radioshack Digital Sound Level Meter
£39.99  £35.99
Save: 10% off

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